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5 ultimate hacks to help your wedding day run smoothly

5 ultimate hacks to help your wedding day run smoothly

In the lead up to your special day, keeping on top of every last detail to make your wedding perfect from start to finish can be overwhelming.

We’ve seen it all, so here we are to share our best tips on the little things you can do to help your day run seamlessly…

Hack #1: Prepare a wedding day emergency kit:

From spilt drinks to smudged makeup, we’ve all had those ‘OMG’ moments at a wedding. Here’s a checklist of a few things you can provide your guests with in case of a hiccup!

  • Baby wipes to remove marks and scuffs and touch up makeup
  • Dry shampoo, hairspray and hair gel to keep your locks looking great
  • Plasters to cure those rubbing shoes
  • Deodorant or perfume for a freshen up
  • Needle and thread in case of an unexpected rip

Hack #2: Fans for the hot weather, blankets for the cold weather:

The British weather is unpredictable at the best of times, but if you play your cards right, it won’t matter as you’ll be well prepared!

Having hand fans on offer for the hot weather can be a nice touch and works well as a prop or little favour for guests to take home with them. For the colder months, or Spring/Summer evenings when the pashmina just doesn’t cut it, having a selection of blankets on offer for guests and the littles is always a winner.

Hack #3: Entertainment for the kids – and adults!

Keeping the youngsters amused throughout the day keeps them having fun and allows the parents to relax and enjoy. Consider hiring a professional entertainer or if budget is tight, think about a fun activity pack or ‘party’ style bag to keep them occupied!

And for the adults? Bouncy castles are always a hit, as are garden games, caricature artists and karaoke – all a great way to break up the twilight hour between ceremony and dinner!

Hack #4: Provide flip flops:

A day in heels isn’t always the kindest on your feet, which is why a basket with flip flops is always a thoughtful detail! After all, everyone should rock the dancefloor no matter their shoe choice.

Hack #5: Choose a wedding day hashtag:

Want the pictures from your day all in one place? Creating a wedding day hashtag is a no brainer. Be sure to share the hashtag with guests prior to the day (add it to the save the date) keep it simple and make sure it’s not been used before.

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