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How to choose the best wedding music for your ceremony and reception

How to choose the best wedding music for your ceremony and reception

Choosing the ultimate soundtrack for your wedding day is key. It should reflect you as a couple, the friends and family around you and the atmosphere you want to create. And as music has the ability to evoke memories which will stay with you for years to come, it’s important to choose wisely! Not too much pressure, right? 

Fret not. Here we share our best tips to make choosing the music for your wedding day a breeze!

Wedding ceremony

Generally speaking, the wedding ceremony will feature three song categories; the prelude (the music played while guests are seated), the processional (walking down the aisle) and the recessional (as the newlyweds leave the aisle together).

For the prelude, playing something calming which ties into the theme of your wedding is a great way to set the ambiance. Whether that’s an instrumental piece or some upbeat jazz, be sure to choose something that’s not too overpowering but your guests will enjoy.

If you ever wanted to make a grand entrance, now is the time! The processional is perhaps one of the most memorable pieces of music you’ll have on your wedding day. Whether you’re opting for something more traditional, a modern love song or an acoustic cover, choose a piece of music distinct enough to signal that the ceremony is about to begin.

Now to walk back down the aisle with your new husband/wife! Regardless of whether your wedding is more modern or traditional, a song that is uplifting, cheerful and bursting with love works perfectly for a recessional and is a great way to signify the start of your journey together!

First dance

For a lucky few, deciding on their first dance song is instant. For others, it’s a minefield. Lyrics or no lyrics? Slow or upbeat? Old classics or dance tunes? You want it to be unforgettable, so our advice is to choose something that resonates with you both. Whether that’s a song with special value, a tune that reminds you of an event, a classic romantic piece, or even a song from your favourite band or artist, find something that feels like YOU.

Your evening reception

Did someone say party? There’s no better way to wrap up your wedding day than singing and dancing with your nearest and dearest! From golden oldies to your favourite chart toppers, choosing a range of genres, tempos and eras will help to keep the party atmosphere going. A great way to get a real mix? Ask for song requests from guests before your wedding day – and have the added bonus of keeping everyone happy on the dancefloor!

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