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Top trends for your 2024 wedding

Top trends for your 2024 wedding

After a year of ups and downs, couples are looking to go all out for their big day, creating a wedding that’s unique, fun and imaginative!

Seated Bridal Parties

The bridal party standing throughout the ceremony is becoming a thing of the past! This year one of the top trends is seated bridal parties. This will make a huge difference for your main ladies, especially those in sky scraper high heels! So to keep in touch with the times and to give your bridesmaids ultimate comfort, maybe add this to your list!

A splash of creativity

Having a pop of pattern in your wedding set up seems to be catching for 2024. They are definitely making a comeback with people adding them from wedding invitations to table linens. Having some colour and creativity can really elevate the design and feel of your wedding day. Another great thing is that the options are endless. You won’t be restricted for choice. No wonder they are back and trending again!

High impact florals

Without flowers you can’t really have a wedding but for 2024 they are taking central stage! This year it is all about the bold, dramatic arrangements which make all your guests take their cameras out and go “WOW”. High impact isn’t about the size of these flowers but instead the impact they have. Do they catch your eye? Do they complete the room? So this year don’t be afraid to really go for it when it comes to your floral arrangements.

80s aesthetic

Its good news if you are a fan of bold colours, oversized silhouettes and a touch of flamboyance. 80s are back and trending! It is all about expressing yourself and creativity and that is what’s happening for 2024 weddings. So if you love the 80s and have your wedding just around the corner don’t be afraid to incorporate it.

Sustainable weddings

Sustainability is such a important part of our day to day lives including wedding days. As we become more aware of our impact on the environment and things we can do to be more environmental friendly, there are many ways to incorporate sustainability into your wedding. Outdoor venue, digital invitations and locally sourced food are all examples of this. If you are someone who cares about the environment, maybe consider a sustainable wedding.

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